■● My collection is actually composed by LA AUTOCTONA
(inspired by my south american roots using natives fabrics with ethnics prints).

●■Macchiavellica #ecofriendly ♻
Our fabrics are natural fibers as Yute, linen , cotton etc mixed with Italian silks and some other materials.
We are always trying to improved to couse a low impact in the enviorement.

●■Macchiavellica #animallover 🦁🐂
Our products are 100% animals friendly , we use sintetic leather for our handbags.
Our goal would be that with the sales of every year help the animals from the streets in Ecuador.

●■Macchiavellica #socialproyect 👌👏
The production is handcrafted by a small group of single ecuadorian women which have to mantain their family.
They work very fast and our goal its to bring them to the next level of artisan work!

My designs are handmade by local Ecuadorean artisans.
Some outfits are created with Italian fabrics, such as painted silk, cotton, linen and schiffon.
I also utilized yute and other native Ecuadorean material. Details and accessories in my designs are made with materials such as Tagua for the buttons and silk strings for belts and fringes.

My vanguard designs seek a remake of the classics which highlight the textile's design and artistry, with earth and primary colors as well. Raised in Guayaquil, Ecuador, Stefania spent her childhood amongst beautiful beaches and visiting her grandparent’s farm where she discovered her love of nature, animals, and all things beautiful.

She has travelled the world extensively and has lived and worked in London, Dubai, Chicago and Italy where her roots are. Having the opportunity to visit many vintage boutiques and bazaars around the world helped her cultivate a passion for both travel and fashion. Her unique and eclectic style was greatly inspired by her mother and grandmother.

Stefania currently lives in Germany with her husband from where she runs her fashion blog and works on her latest collection of beachwear. She still dedicates much of her time to traveling which is her main source of inspiration.

For contacts or inquires:
Email: info@macchiavellica.com
Germany: (49) 590 242 4191
Ecuador: (593)98 172 7678
Instagram: @macchiavellicart - @macchiavellica_
Blog: www.macchiavellica.net

The communication of the brand its currently managed by the agency Terrenzi Comunications in Milan.
Currently you can find Macchiavellica designs at :

🔴Paris at @la_boutique_equatorienne
🔴Ecuador @vintage_samborondon & @hereandnow_ec
🔴Usa at @thecuratedlook
👉Soon you can buy it in our internet site for the moment you can find us ↔ @be_treidy

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